"Settle arguments with action, not with pointless arguing."
—Darth Kyrann
Darth Kyrann was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith and Sith Emperor to The Vindictive Sith Order.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Kyrann Bane was a Force-sensitive Human male born in the year 3700 BBY along with his twin brother, Kyren Bane both of which were descendants of the late Dessel Bane. Born on the planet Dromund Kaas, Kyrann and his brother were raised by their father, an unknown farmer. Around the age of 4, the Sith noticed Kyrann's connection to the force. While his brother managed to stay hidden, Kyrann was eventually taken from the farmer to be trained at the Sith Academy on Dromund Kaas and thus, separated from his twin brother. The father, saddened over the fact that he may never see his other son again, sent Kyren to the Jedi Order, in hopes that he may one day see and turn his identical twin to the light side.

While in the academy, Kyrann proved himself to be so powerful that the higher-ranking Sith treated him as an equal, and no one would take him as an apprentice. He spent a big period of time in the archives, studying the Sith history and sorcery. Somehow Kyrann was able to pass the apprentice rank without a Master. At one point, he befriended a few other Sith, one of which was Malgus, whom he worked with closely together, often being assigned to missions and trips with him.

Mission on Kalakar Six Edit

In 3683 BBY, Kyrann was picked to hunt and kill a Sith traitor. Kyrann gladly accepted, and saw this as an opportunity to prove himself to the Empire. His tracking brought him to the volcanic moon Kalakar Six. As Kyrann landed on the moon covered in lava flows, he immediately sensed the moon had a strong connection to the Dark Side. Kyrann began his search and eventually, after a long walk, he stopped to take a look around the area. Just before he could continue his search, the traitor jumped behind him and before Kyrann could react, the traitor had cut his left arm off and severely burned the left side of his face.

Defeat Edit

Strangely enough, Kyrann survived this, and managed to call for help after the traitor escaped. As a shuttle picked Kyrann up, he was enraged that he failed to stop the traitor. He found it difficult to breath and he received heavy scarring on the left side of his face. Despite his injuries, he felt no pain and paid little attention to his wounds.

Kyrann gained a cybernetic arm and a mask covering the left half of his face.

The Great Galactic War Edit

The Recapture of Korriban Edit

In 3681 BBY, the Empire returned from hiding and launched a series of attacks against the Galactic Republic, sparking the Great Galactic War.